Dalvik opcodes

Dalvik opcodes

Author:Gabor Paller

Vx values in the table denote a Dalvik register. Depending on the instruction, 16, 256 or 64k registers can be accessed. Operations on long and double values use two registers, e.g. a double value addressed in the V0 register occupies the V0 and V1 registers.

Boolean values are stored as 1 for true and 0 for false. Operations on booleans are translated into integer operations.

All the examples are in hig-endian format, e.g. 0F00 0A00 is coded as
0F, 00, 0A, 00 sequence.

Note there are no explanation/example at some instructions. This means that I have not seen that instruction "in the wild" and its presence/name is only known from Android opcode constant list.

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