JTAG header pinout


  • ARM-20 (used with almost all ARM-based microcontrollers)

  • ARM-14 (used as a lower pin-count version of ARM-20)

  • MIPS EJTAG used with all MIPS microcontrollers (mostly embedded devices, can be found on many WiFi devices)

  • Toshiba MIPS

  • Philips MIPS

  • AVR JTAG Compatible with AVR, Altera JTAG, ... (widely used)

  • Altera ByteBlaster Compatible with AVR, Altera JTAG, ... (widely used)

  • Maxim MAXQ JTAG Partially compatible with AVR JTAG

  • Actel FlashPro3 JTAG


  • Cypress Ultra-isr

  • Lattice JTAG ispDOWNLOAD 2x5pin

  • Lattice JTAG ispDOWNLOAD 9pin

  • TI MSP430

  • Xilinx JTAG

  • Xilinx JTAG 9pin

Non-standard manufacturer-specific pinouts

  • Linksys WRT54G(S) - used as EJTAG

  • Bosch EDC16/MED9 car ECU

  • Motorola PowerPC BDM port

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